Flickrocket is the only reasonably priced e-commerce platform I’ve found for selling protected digital content.

My clients sell digital training seminars and needed a way of preventing illegal sharing of content. They had been selling CD’s and “getting killed” by their users making copies and giving them away to colleagues. After spending a month looking around and testing different platforms I realized that most services say they offer secure delivery of digital content but few actually keep their promise. Those who do were mainly the heavy-hitters who take 30% to 60% of the product revenue. Flickrocket’s pricing models, DRM technology, and steadfast product support were a no-brainer for us.

Their DRM technology is well thought-out, rock-solid, flexible, feature-rich and just works. After weeks of beta testing, my clients were convinced their must-have requirements for digital content copy & sharing protection were completely satisfied.

Flickrocket actually does listen to their customers too. They quickly implemented a few suggestions we had for improvements/fixes – amazing! I have received only stellar, responsive, accurate technical support from the Flickrocket folks. That is pretty rare these days. Contrast this with the likes of Amazon, Google, Apple and Microsoft – I know from experience just how much attention and concern those guys would have shown us.

Their staff was extremely helpful and a big reason we were able to make our aggressive go-live dates, even providing us with help during off-hours as well. We absolutely could not have made our dates without their support. I particularly appreciate the broad and deep knowledge they demonstrated of the Flickrocket platform and their tireless willingness to go above and beyond to help make our project a success. We are completely sold on the fast, accurate, detailed guidance we’ve received and unflagging commitment to quickly getting us up and running.

Jeff Reyer
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